3D-footprint is maintained by the Computational & Structural Biology group (Zaragoza, Spain). Early versions of the DNAPROT algorithm were originally conceived at the Center for Genome Sciences (UNAM, Mexico). The database was originally funded by grant CSIC:200720I038 and ARAID. Interface matrix plots were created by CP Cantalapiedra and added in 2012. If you use this resource we ask you to cite the main paper describing this work:
  • Contreras-Moreira,B. (2010) 3D-footprint: a database for the structural analysis of protein-DNA complexes. Nucleic Acids Research, 38, D91-D97 (PDF)
and to consider citing other relevant papers: Further reading:

3D-footprint relies on the DNAPROT algorithm, developed in-house, and on several valuable resources: the Protein Data Bank, SCOP, Superfamily, Pfam, BLAST, HMMER, MAMMOTH, STAMP, WEBLOGO, TFmodeller, PHYLIP, Graphviz, PostScript::Simple, matrix2png,STRIDE 3DNA, HBPLUS, SCWRL, PubMed, R and RSA-tools.

Feedback and troubleshooting

Should you have any questions regarding 3D-footprint, please get in touch at compbio@eead.csic.es.


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