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structure nameHIPB(S29A)-O2 20MER COMPLEX
(Antitoxin HipB)
referenceSchumacher et al. 'To ? ? ?
sourceEscherichia coli
experimentX-ray (resolution=2.10, R-factor=0.188)
structural superfamilylambda repressor-like DNA-binding domains;
sequence familyHelixturnhelix;
multimeric complexes4yg1_ABCD 4yg4_ABCD 4yg7_BCDEGK 4z5c_AB 4z5d_AB
redundant complexes4yg1_C 4yg4_C 4yg7_B 4z58_A 4z59_A 4z5c_B 4z5d_A
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protein sequence

No structural evidence for specific binding to DNA (<4 informative columns)

Dendrogram of similar interfaces ?

matrix format
  ----AT--QAAT--SA------------                     +4z5h_A    
  ----STKCQAAT--SA------------   L   +-------4     +3dnv_B    
                                     !       ! 
  RT--------RG----NT----ETRTYA   L   !       +-----7f9h_B    
  --QT--STNTVTATSTQTRTETTT----   L   !              +2r1j_L    
                                     !            +-1 
  ----ATATTTPTTTNT------------   L   +------------3 +6fix_D    
  ----RTTT--AT--STRG----TT----   L                +6chv_D    

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